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What started out as two travellers on their own solo journeys has now come together as one, s u r u n c l o u d, to capture and share an epic nomadic lifestyle around the world. Linda and Mitch left their dream jobs, friends and family departing their home towns in January 2015 and May 2016 respectively in search for something bigger on the road. Since crossing paths in Mexico they’ve further ventured south towards Costa Rica - forever wandering with a camera in hand and surfboard always waxed ready to ride every wave on the way. Linda’s passion for life and photography compliments Mitch’s addiction of surfing and all things nature. Together they share a love for travel and a minimalistic lifestyle by the ocean, feeling most at home when exploring the world beyond it.


s u r u n c l o u d is the start of never ending barefoot adventures where they share their experiences to motivate others to create their own. s u r u n c l o u d will inspire you to go for your wildest dreams, guiding you to the best travel and surf spots to stoke your wanderlust, as well as honest reviews and practical lifestyle tips.


Photograph by Ana Paula Alvarez at Present Moment Retreat, Troncones, Mexico

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